Wills and Estates



Should I make a Will and should it contain a testamentary trust?

You should make a will. A will provides for the division of your assets and possessions after you die. Through your will you can make provision for your family, divide your assets between beneficiaries you choose or establish a testamentary trust. You should make a testamentary trust if it can assist your beneficiaries and in your objectives. A testamentary trust is a potentially valuable tool in relation to asset protection and taxation.


Should I update my Will?

Yes and don't put it off! A will should be reviewed as peoples' circumstances change.


Should a solicitor help make my Will?

Do-it-Yourself Will Kits can be confusing and use archaic language difficult to understand. A poorly drafted, complicated or out-of-date Will can cause extensive problems for your family or beneficiaries. Our experienced solicitors can help you draft a Will tailored to your individual circumstances, provide advice on what is often a complex process and highlight the relevant considerations you should take into account. A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign and DGF Morgan & Associates can assist you to make the best provision for your beneficiaries and consider taxation and other issues that may arise from your Estate.


What is an Enduring Guardianship?

An Enduring Guardianship is a document that appoints someone else to look after your personal, health and medical and living affairs in the event that you are not capable of making those decisions due to illness, disability or other mental incapacity.


What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a document that enables someone else to look after your legal or business affairs, or another matter you specify in the document, in the event that you are not able to do so or do not wish to do so, for example due to travel.  An Enduring Power of Attorney enables someone else to look after those obligations in the event of your incapacity to do so, such as through illness or disability.


I am the Executor of a Will or Estate. Can you help?

We are able to assist you administer a will, apply for grants of probate or letters of administration if a relative has died without leaving a will and answer your questions relating to your role or your rights under the will. Contact us for more information.


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